Artists: Iván Navarro & Courtney Smith (Chile, EEUU)

Courtney Smith (Paris, 1966) and Ivan Navarro (Santiago, 1972) live and work together between New York, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago. Both artists also have individual practices, which at certain times fuse together in works and experimental blends of sculpture and performance. Their collaborations focus on building restrictive interactions dealing with everyday materials and situations to demonstrate a specific social order. Included among their most recent projects are: The Music Room I, Book Fair, MOMA PS1, Nobody Knows Who You Work For, Edler & Sons, Mellowdrama, Hôtel Particulier, all in New York. Uirapuru, Goethe Institute in Nairobi and The Construction of Volumetric Interrelationships, Baró Gallery in São Paulo. Recently presented in Santiago: La Sala de Musica II in Corpartes, in the exhibition A Silent and Impossible War by Iván Navarro. La Sala de Musica III en Sonar y Cancha en Espacio O.

They are currently working on a new project that will be presented in L.A.N.D. (Los Angeles, USA) this year. In September, Ediciones Popolet will publish a book that compiles a selection of their projects carried out between 2006 and 2016.


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The Artwork: Yungay Quadrille

Yungay Quadrille (Cuadrilla de Yungay) is a performance that reproduces the structure of a social gathering (conversation, interchange, movement and music) through connections between the attendees. The experience of the participant will consist of the obligation to relate to only one person for a defined amount of time. The possibilities within this format are multiple, ranging from a great deal of discomfort, to curiosity and delight in getting to know a new person. The performance creates the space and structure for these meetings to be carried out, giving license to the participants to meet and talk with others.


This project seeks to actively relate the public with sculptures, to erase hierarchical roles and the figure of the artist as a unique creator of the work. The connections among the participants are the basis of a reflection on geometry, spatial configuration and social practices.

The Place: Yungay Plaza, Tajamar Towers, Brasil Plaza


A: Yungay Plaza: April 7/ 18:00 hrs

B: Tajamar Towers: April 8/ 19:30hrs

C: Brasil Plaza: April 10/  19:30 hrs