Artist: María Siebald (Chile)


María Siebald (Santiago, Chile, 1980) is an actress and director of the performance group Nerven & Zellen. Since 2009 she has researched sign language and incorporates it into her performance language, creating projects designed for the deaf community, with the aim of bringing them closer to music. Her projects include NZcanal, small pieces of video with visual choreography (2009 to present). She presented the first concert for deaf people in Chile (2013) and Transmitter, carried out with the collaboration of artists Garret Linn and Nicolás Spencer, an invited project at the 12th Biennial of Media Arts (2015). She won the National Prize for Cultural Innovation – Avonni 2015.




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Artwork: Beautiful Canto/ No More


Beautiful Canto is a choral piece performed by deaf and hearing impaired people singing the Lacrimosa sequence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem, accompanied by live instruments. This tribute to all deaf children and adults who were sacrificed, and to all those who have been hamstrung to prevent them from using sign language, is also a recognition to those churches that acted as a refuge to the community. The work interrogates the audience about the musical language, the subjective condition of beauty and the sense of hearing, in a acoustic experience away from the musical aesthetic canon. The choir will perform in the Basilica of Lourdes, and audio recording will be performed.
The audio recording will be part of the permanent installation opposite the Church of San Saturnino that was designed  by FONDA, an architecture and design studio formed by Christopher Martinez and Nicolas Aracena. This installation wants to underline the frail state and abandonment of the building by multiplying the cracks in its facade through an “observatory” on the side of the square where the church is located. Both visions of the church are complemented in the work as a tribute to people and to buildings forgotten alike.


No More is complementary to Beautiful Canto as choral and gesture performance of the song  “No More” by Ana Tijoux, played here by a chorus of listeners. Using their hands and bodies, the choir incarnates graphic lyrics and rhythms of the song in a visual choreography. This work wants to bring into consideration both musical and sign language as a stage language in a visual experience in sync with hearing.


Places: Basílica de Lourdes, Plaza Brasil, Plaza Yungay


1. Canto Hermoso

Lugar Performances Coro: Basílica de Lourdes
Dirección: Paseo Lourdes 645, entre San Pablo y Santo Domingo
Horario y día presentación: 7 de abril a las 19:00 hrs y 17 de abril a las 18:00hrs

Lugar instalación permanente sonora: Plaza Yungay, frente a Iglesia San Saturnino

Horario de visita a público:
7 a 17 de Abril de 10:00 a 20:00 hrs
11 de Abril cerrado por mantención


2. “No Más”

Sábado 9 de abril a las 18:00 hrs en Plaza Yungay

Domingo 10 de abril a las 18:00 hrs en Plaza Brasil