Artist: Sebastián Jatz (Chile)


Sebastián Jatz (Santiago, Chile, 1980) is a composer and translator. In 2008 he founded Arsomnis, with which he has performed events like Musicircus, by John Cage, Vexations, by Erik Satie, and Meeting, by John Cage and Marcel Duchamp, in addition to his own “One Hundred Chords Geometrically Extended” in the GAM Puma store. As a translator he has published plays by Jan Fabre, three books of interviews with John Cage, and two books of North American conceptual poet Kenneth Goldsmith.
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Artwork: Seguimiento Continuo de Infinitos Puntos… No.6


Continuous Tracking of Infinite Points… No.6 (nach A. Trobollowitsch) is part of a series of 12 public artistic events deriving from the 12 semitones that complete an octave.  The work consists of installing a line of sound in space, such as a drawing, and looking for the way that this sound co-exists with the other sounds that can be heard in the place. Consequently, a line of people forms in the public space, who, through an instrument, object or their own voices, issue a note, resulting in a murmur of multifaceted unison.  On this occasion there will also be an installation in Metalco as an action in which the sound line will be part of Barrio Yungay.




Address: On the corner of Presidente Errazuriz and Maipu Streets

Type of Protection: None

The ex-steel foundry Metalco was in business between 1985 and 1992, and was one of the most important factories in the sector; the building that housed it occupies almost an entire block. Today it is abandoned and covered in graffiti.

This property is inserted in an area that had important industrial activity during the 20th century and that was formed around the railway between Santiago and Valparaiso.  Railway activity, smoke from the chimneys and subsidized housing for workers co-existed in this area.

That is how, in this sector that runs along the Mapocho River, important industrial activity was developed and maintained until the end of the 1980s.