Teatro Novedades

- Abr 2016

Location: 257 Cueto


Preservation Status: Historic Preservation Building and Typical Zone Brasil – Yungay.


Teatro Novedades was built in 1913 under the Presidency of Ramón Barros Luco, and rebuilt after a fire occurred in September of 1928.  In 1931 it was reinaugurated in its current configuration.


The property originated like the majority of constructions at the time, by private initiative, in an area housing most of the aristocratic families of the time


The European inspiration is visible as it also extended to the leisure and entertainment venues. Teatro Novedades was not the exception. In its heyday it attracted an audience avid for European spectacles, mainly operettas and Spanish works. It was then that Yungay District began to strengthen and establish a small scene of cultural consumption.


Teatro Novedades is an architectural space of great importance. In 1997 the Municipality of Santiago took back its administration and began the work of restructuring.


It is currently administered by the Corporation for the Development of Santiago.



25 de April, 2016



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