Plaza Yungay

- Abr 2016


Location: The square is defined by Sotomayor, Rosas, Santo Domingo and Libertad Streets


Preservation Status: Typical Zone


Formerly known as Plaza Portales, Plaza Yungay is a historic plaza located in the western part of Santiago. It is situated in Yungay District, which originated in the 19th Century as an aristocratic neighborhood, and that today represents traditional Chilean culture.


The square was built in 1839 when the public promenade Campo de Yungay was laid out at the point where the road to Valparaíso started.


At the centre of the square stands the famous Monument to the Roto Chileno (The folk guy) from 1888, by the Chilean sculptor Virginio Arias. The statue is a tribute to the Chilean people and the victory at the Battle of Yungay (January 20, 1839) in the war against the Confederation of Peru  and Bolivia.  The inscription on the pedestal reads: Chile is thankful to its sons for their civic and warrior virtues. The sculpture depicts a man of the people with his characteristic outfit, with a rifle in his right hand and his other hand on his left hip. The model for this statue was a French peasant.


Today Yungay Square is a center for socialization that attracts a big variety of migrant population recently settled the neighborhood.  Every January 20th the Roto Chileno public festival is held in the neighborhood.




25 de April, 2016



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