Plaza Brasil

- Abr 2016


Location: Avenida Brasil Street to the east, Huérfanos Street to the south, Compañía de Jesús Street to the north and Maturana to the west


Preservation Status: within the Typical Zone


Plaza Brasil is located in the center of Santiago. It is a place of tradition and history that received its name because the Brasilian embassy was situated in this space before the property was bought by the Guerra Larrain family. It was part of the original subdivision of Yungay District.


It was inaugurated on January 20, 1902 and its construction commenced at the beginning of the 20th Century, when the municipality of Santiago bought some of the buildings in the sector.


Starting in 1940, the new subdivisions in the Providencia neighborhood and the transfer of Escuela Militar to the eastern part of the city resulted in the city aristocracy moving away, slowly abandoning the neighborhood.


After the earthquake of 1985, as a result of the reconstruction of some buildings, the area had a new awakening, emerging as Brasil District.


Children’s playgrounds at the center of the plaza are a distinctive feature: inaugurated in 1993 they were designed by national artist Federica Matta.



25 de April, 2016



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